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We sell gift Certificates for ALL of our sailing products. If you'd like a custom amount or trip please give us a call at 732-739-6765

2 & 3 Hour:
Dolphin Watch, True Sail, Sunset Sails

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Swim, Shell, Kayak, Snorkel

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Anna Maria Island, Florida 
Longboat Key, Florida 
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Kathleen D Sailing Catamarans goes Electric! 
Working to keep our world cleaner and greener Kathleen D Sailing Catamarans has initiated a hybrid electric propulsion upgrade program to our vessels. We have installed an electric propulsion system on one of our boats (Longboat Key- "KT2") for those days when the wind won't blow and to get in and out of her dock. Clean, solar renewable lithium ion battery powered state of the art propulsion is part of our solution to mitigate the effects of "Polluting for Pleasure". PS- It's QUIET!

By June 2019 our Sarasota vessel "Kay Tee" will utilize 50% electric propulsion as well and will ultimately become 100% electric powered. The future is here and it is getting green on board the Kathleen D!

Kathleen D Sailing Catamarans initiates ongoing support for responsible environmental non-profits
There is no doubt mankind has made a mess in our oceans and estuaries. Towards that end we have comitted to ongoing perpetual support for Captains for Clean Water and for The Ocean Cleanup project. (Links below)
Captains for Clean Water is a Florida advocacy organization working improve man-made environmental degradation of Florida's waters via legislative advocacy.
The Ocean Cleanup is creating large scale technology to address the serious accumulation of plastics in our oceans. These life threatening garbage patches (some as large as Texas) threaten marine life and our sea-food supply. This is an incredibly difficult engineering effort that will benefit all life on our planet if successful.
Your ticket purchase will support these non-profits in their efforts to mitigate our sins of the past and ensure a better home for our ancestors and all life on Earth

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Phone: FL- 941-896-6400
NJ- 732-739-6765

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