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 Clean Water & Environmental Advocacy 

Kathleen D has committed resources aimed towards lessening our carbon footprint and cleaning up the sins of our species past on the Earth. We have a two piece plan in place to do so:

First- We have committed over $25,000.00 to date in purchases of equipment converting our vessels to electric propulsion. These systems are very expensive- approximately 5 times the cost of one of our typical fossil fueled gasoline motors- but are proving themselves to be reliable, safe and an effective means to lessening the impact of pleasure sailing.

Our Longboat Key vessel- KT2 is 100% electric propulsion with the addition of high efficiency solar panels to her grid based charging system.

In Sarasota our boat- Kay Tee is scheduled in the coming weeks to have a single electric propulsion motor installed which will work in tandem with a single fossil fueled engine until we prove out the concept and the products used. We hope to be all electric on Kay Tee by the 1st quarter of 2020.

Secondly- We are committing to structured contributions to selected non-profits whom we deem effective and or are pursuing proof of concept initiatives towards cleaning up, preventing and implementing best practices to protect our local waterways and the  adjoining oceans at large. We currently support via quarterly contributions. We have identified another ocean clean up organization and a local Florida based initiative organization comitted to solving the man made pollution issues in our backyard.

Over the coming weeks we will provide links to these groups once our plans are finalized. Our end goal is to dedicate $1 for every ticket sold on our vessels to our select environmetal advocacy non-profits. Buying a seat on one of our vessels automatically ensures a $1 contribution to non-profits advocating for cleaner and healthier oceans and estuaries.

Thanks for sailing with us!

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